AFK Sudoku

AFK Sudoku 2.5

Multi-functional sudoku game with random table generation

Hooked on sudoku? If so, you should definitely try AFK Sudoku out. it's a well designed version of the popular Japanese puzzle, suitable for Palm PDAs.

With full respect for the original components and objectives of sudoku, AFK Sudoku allows you to randomly generate unlimited new tables, mark cells, validate each move, create your own tables and see automatic solutions with a single click.

Key features of AFK Sudoku include:

  • Virtually unlimited generated proper Sudoku puzzles
  • Puzzles can be solved with logic, no guessing needed
  • Brute force solver to solve any valid sudoku
  • Verify, hint, sanitize and solve puzzle options
  • Pencil marks - input your own or auto generate them
  • Option to automatically update the marks as you solve
  • Quick values and pencil mark entry modes
  • Custom boards - input your own sudokus
  • Batch puzzle generator - generate 'em as you recharge
  • Browse and load batch generated puzzles
  • Load and save unlimited puzzles
  • Copy puzzles from/to the clipboard

This is a graphically unobtrusive version of sudoku for your Palm PDA.

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AFK Sudoku


AFK Sudoku 2.5